Can you be a Nurse with herpes?

Herpes is a very common infection that occurs on the skin, lips or genitals, these are not eliminated from the body so easily, when it is controlled with treatment this remains in a state of numbness, until it finds a situation to develop again.

In the case of nurses in their workplace, they attend many people, if they have herpes patients will not feel comfortable, although currently there is no law that prevents doctors and nurses to work in the hospital if they have herpes.

But you can be a nurse with herpes, as long as if you have the herpes lesion, keep the area protected and avoid touching it with your hands, so that when you touch the patients you do not infect them, especially if they are children, young people or people with weakened immune systems.

Can you be a Nurse if you have herpes?

Regarding oral herpes is not a problem for which they would not give you a job, the important thing is to know the time you have had with it, there are many nurses who have years working in hospitals and therefore, use mask to attend patients.

This way the nurse with herpes would not transmit anything she has to the patient, the only way to get herpes is to have actual contact with another person. This is not done by people in the hospital, it is an inappropriate act and is not encouraged in any medical profession.

It is necessary for the employer to know whether or not the nurse they hire has the disease, but this is not sufficient reason not to hire her, as education and experience are worth far more than her condition.

It is possible that coworkers may become nervous when they learn that you have herpes, but they know that it is harmless to most people.

Genital herpes, for example, is not considered a threat to the people you work with on a daily basis, so an employer may hire you if you are qualified and maintain cleanliness as a nurse.

If the nurse has a medical checkup and it indicates that the herpes is under control, the hospital or health care facility will have no problem hiring her.

Unless the genitals are in contact with hospital or patient surfaces, this is something the employee should not have a problem with.

This situation would only put young people, infants and babies at risk and would not have contact with them anyway, it would not affect their employment status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a nurse with VHS?

No. This condition will not help you get a job, but it will not prevent an employer from hiring you if you are qualified.

Is it possible to be a nurse with an STD?  

The answer is yes, HIV does not prevent you from pursuing a nursing career, you are not required to have a permit from your physician, School of Nursing or the Board of Nursing.

Can I become a physician assistant if I have herpes?

The answer is yes, as there is no rule or law that prevents you from practicing because you have herpes, however, it is important to protect yourself so that your condition does not worsen and you can spread the virus.

How can you avoid infecting a patient with herpes?

There are many ways to take care of yourself and protect yourself when you know you have herpes, to prevent it from spreading through your body, consult a doctor about the treatment to be performed to prevent the spread.

Every time you touch the area with herpes, you should wash your hands well with soap and water immediately and dry them well, if you use contact lenses do not wet them with saliva, as you can spread oral herpes to the eye.

If the herpes is in the mouth, avoid kissing people, so that you do not transmit this disease.


Herpes is a disease that most people do not want to have, but it is not a killer, there are many threatening diseases that are more common than herpes.

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