About Us

If you are looking for a place that provides you with the information you need, well, you’ve come to the right place, our portal is the best you can find on the web.

The information you will get here is varied and very complete. For you who want to have it with just one click you can learn about various topics of health, nursing and many other things more.

We are a portal, in which we are not only dedicated to provide the best health information, we go much further, since our articles are not only entertaining, but also didactic, simple, easy to read and understand. And what does this mean? Easy, we do our best to do a good job from every point of view.

We understand that we live in a world that deserves to have all the real, truthful and indispensable information and that is why many are the people who require quality information and that they can always have it available with just one click.

That is why we offer you the best we can offer, the love and the mystique that we carry inside.

Our Vision

Is to continue being a prestigious web portal, one of the best that exists today. Remember, we not only have health or nursing topics or information, you will also be able to read about other interesting topics for everyone.

In the same way, we try to cover topics related to all nursing specialties, exams, training and education, as well as the necessary certifications in each case.

We stand out for having a very broad mission for the world, to contribute to the personal growth of all those who access our blog day after day. We want to continue educating hundreds of young nurses in order to sensitize them about the profession.

In addition, we guarantee the provision of the necessary knowledge, a wide range of health services, always focusing on demonstrating the human warmth that characterizes us. Our articles stand out for their quality, always seeking the welfare of our readers, as well as that of their families.

Empathy is one of the values that each of the people who contribute an added value to the portal possess, this is something important, since, in this way, we manage to reach more people every day, regardless of their age.

Making a little history

If it’s about history, I’ll tell you the beginning of this beautiful idea. On a summer afternoon, a group of beautiful girls were having a coffee, chatting in a pleasant way, suddenly a topic of interest arose, which as nurses made noise in each of them.

There was a need for a web portal with information related to the career, in order to help millions of people interested in various topics.

Maria, one of them and the one with the most years as a graduate, was a bit incredulous about it, but her other colleagues insisted that there was a need for a website dedicated to teaching and guiding others who like such a self-sacrificing profession.

At first, they did not know where to start, however, the love for the profession and the desire to provide knowledge to those who like nursing, as well as other health issues, made them become interested in creating a website with a blog dedicated to one of the best professions that exists in the world.

These ladies of nursing used their years of experience and their almost daily experiences in the corridors of hospitals, to make known the various topics that exist in their profession.

And who else but them to know firsthand what each family member who is going through a health problem feels and suffers? Undoubtedly, only them.

And what else can we offer?

In addition to patient stories, they have also set out to help and advise all those interested in obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, gaining experience in the NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, becoming a Nurse Practitioner (APRN), Registered Nurse (RN) and many more.

Fortunately, as time goes by, more and more people are willing to collaborate in this magnificent project that has managed to be of great help to so many people in need.

What you can find in our website

In our portal you can find a wide variety of information on health issues, nursing, nutritional counseling, laboratory, medical consultations with professionals of various specialties, others.

These will allow you to get answers to various health concerns that may arise at any time of your life.

Regardless of your age, sex, we are always ready to offer you our knowledge and expertise at any time, remember that we are a team of professionals who provide the knowledge we have in various subjects.

It is essential to understand that everything contained in the page is done gladly to inform, it is broken down into several topics, according to the various pathologies that may exist.

In the same way, our blog contains information about training and formal education in nursing, as well as the exams that must be presented.

If we go into detail, we can tell you that we also cover information regarding patient care and hygiene, cognitive strategies, detection and approach of possible health problems and, as well as these, other services related to the provision of services inherent to the nursing profession.

Likewise, valuable information is included about taking laboratory samples, probe placement, exercises to improve muscle tone, administration of oral treatments, bedsore cures and many other really interesting topics.

In short, in our blog you will find magazines, books, job offers and many other things that you will like.

We invite you to visit our website

In this globalized world in which information is used with different technological tools, we usually use a variety of them in order to let other people know what we have and what we offer.

In our website you can have all the necessary information, besides enjoying many advantages, among them:

  • You will find a website in constant interaction with anyone interested in learning about interesting topics.
  • Our information is constant, dynamic and updated, which will allow you to make effective decisions.
  • It has an eye-catching design and, especially, it is easy to use and read.
  • It is a web portal that you can access whenever you want.
  • It offers a friendly search menu for everyone.
  • You can receive interesting information, so you can always stay informed.

I invite you to browse our website, you will find surprising all the information you will find, from educational training, to the most interesting news about health.

Learn about the experiences that other professionals have had in their career.

It is not only about providing the knowledge that you can have as a nursing student. It is about the experience of hundreds of professionals who have dedicated themselves to study and who today tell how they have performed their profession.

Many are those who can mention their point of view about what has been the best program they have studied and their anecdotes regarding their certification in a certain area of medicine or nursing.

It is about the challenges they have bravely faced as workers, definitely professionals full of mystique and a valuable desire to help others.

Now is the time

Broadly speaking, as you can see, our blog is full of interesting and innovative topics, which make it one of the best ones so far.

Our professionalism makes us creditor of gratifying and enriching opinions, helping many people to become familiar with the nursing profession and also to value day by day the work they do around the world.

If you consider that you have something to add to our web portal, I invite you to be part of our wonderful team, your contributions will always be valuable for us and for our readers, we are waiting for you!